Inventory Software and Inventory Control Tracking

Inventory Software and Inventory Control Tracking

Inventory Software and Asset Tracking is critical to the bottom line of any business enterprise for barcode software inventory control. Lost or missing assets, tools, or equipment mean unnecessary purchase duplications, production downtime, and lost revenue. Solid, Reliable, and Cost Effective Inventory Control Software and Asset Tracking Solutions are the key to ending these losses.


Inventory Software and Barcode Tracking Software development has a long history at GigaTrak.  We have designed and written over 600 asset tracking, inventory control software, warehouse management software, tool tracking software, and many  custom applications that utilize both barcode label scanning and RFID technologies. These inventory control and asset tracking applications run on Windows desktop network hosted platforms, as well as mobile handheld computers. The products allow you to manage assets, track tools, manage storerooms, track documents, maintain consumable inventory, and more. Our clients vary from small, independent businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, governmental agencies, and the military. We provide asset tracking, inventory management, data collection, and barcode software systems where others fail to meet the challenge. Simple to learn, Easy to operate, reliable Asset Tracking and Inventory Software Solutions!

Inventory Control and Inventory Tracking Software

Barcode Software Solutions from GigaTrak offers both “Customized” software services and packaged “off the shelf” products for Asset Management, Tool Tracking, and Inventory Control. All of our products are designed around a standardized user interface to ensure Fast Implementation and Ease-of-Use. The user interface includes advanced features such as secured user authorization, a designer to enable you to create your own barcode labels, PDF & email report generation, product history tracking, and much more. All of our products can include customized reports or the data can be exported to a third party report writer.


Inventory Control Software, Asset Tracking and Barcode Software Solutions

GigaTrak is the result of a recent merger of GigaAge and Process & Technology Solutions, two leading providers of complete barcoding systems and data collection solutions. With over 20 years of expertise in developing barcode tracking software, barcode hardware and data collection products,  Gigatrak's "off the shelf" products include:  Asset Control Software, Inventory Control Software, Storeroom Tracking Software, and Tool Tracking Software.  In addition to these "off the shelf" products, we offer an additional suite of solutions rarely offered by other vendors.  These additional barcode systems include Storeroom Management, Document Tracking, Route Planning, and hundreds of Custom Inventory Solutions! Our Custom Inventory Software systems offer flexibility and unique capabilities not available from other barcode software providers. We provide inventory control solutions, asset management software, warehouse management software, and barcode tools to meet your unique, business needs - assuring you of exceptional inventory control solutions at a value few others can offer! 

Tool Tracking System


Contact us now to schedule your free live web demo. In 30 minutes you will see how you can start saving money with one of our Suite of GigaTrak Products for Inventory Control, Asset Tracking, Tool Tracking or Supply Room Management.

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Asset Tracking System


We have the Inventory Control Experience.  We have the Process Planning Expertise.  We have the Inventory Management and fixed Asset Tracking Products. Few other companies have the experience and expertise offered by GigaTrak!  Our Inventory Management, Tool Tracking, and Asset Tracking software applications are designed to be Easy-to-Use and Quick to Implement. Add Document Tracking, Storeroom Management and Supplies Tracking, and you have a suite of solutions capable of meeting the needs of most companies, large or small.

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