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Educational institutions, from grammar school to vocational tech, medical schools to law schools – all are required to manage and maintain up-to-date records on all fixed assets and inventory. GigaTrak has developed an education inventory management software system specifically geared towards schools and districts that uses barcodes to easily track, manage and report on assets, equipment, and inventory. From computer equipment and furniture to ink toner and supplies, there is never a limit to the number of items you can track with GigaTrak’s Education Asset Tracking Software. Stay up to date with state-mandated compliance with a built-in audit feature that allows you to run discrepancy reports at a moment’s notice. Track funding sources and budgets used to acquire assets with purchase and warranty information, depreciation, PO number and any other pertinent information that may be required. GigaTrak education inventory management software is a simple, yet robust fixed asset tracking solution used by hundreds of educational facilities around the globe that are able to provide on-demand reports documenting asset details to auditors, regulators and watchdog groups at a moment’s notice. With GigaTrak Tracking software, you will be able to provide details on the initial cost of an asset, its usage, where it is, where it has been, who has it, what condition it’s in, last time it was audited and any maintenance that has been completed on it. One education inventory management system provides complete information on a school’s asset – in a single place that is simply maintained and easily managed. Get all the features you want in a system at a cost-effective price. Track it with GigaTrak.

Education Specific Benefits

Track your assets to a student, teacher or room with a simple barcode scan. Save time and money with an efficient tracking system.
  • Track all district Assets with one system
  • Compliance with state-mandates
  • Keep Track of Asset Value for Insurance purposes
  • Track Asset Availability and Utilization to Avoid Unnecessary Purchases
  • Use of our Mobile Apps for Transactions on the Go (Android/iOS)
  • Unlimited assets included

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