Guard Tour System

Specify simple instructions for each inspection check point and collect results with user recorded notes

Inspection Tracking Software

Dependable inspection tracking software is a must-have for any company that requires security and inspections for the safety of their facilities and personnel. It is crucial for management to know precisely when those inspections are being completed, and to be aware of any discrepancieszorb ball. Using barcodes, a guard can scan each inspection point and respond to the simple instructions provided on the screen. Guard Tour System, our easy-to-use security inspection tracking software, is the simple, effective, and quick-to-implement solution.

You can:

  • Set up each Employee with an ID to perform inspections
  • Organize tours by facilities and locations
  • Specify instructions for each Inspection
  • Collect results and record notes
  • Download tour data and generate reports

What Are Inspection Checkpoints?

Door Locks


Battery Power

Water Leaks

Fire Extinguishers

Safety Equipment

Climate Control

And more!

Who Uses Guard Tour System?

Facility Manager

Property Manager

Guard & Patrol Officers

Security Companies

Inspection Check Manager

Safety Manager

And others!

GigaTrak’s Guard Tour System software gives you the power to track inspections by facilities and locations, generate different “tours” with assigned inspection checkpoints, use a mobile handheld to record results and notes, and download inspection rounds and results to print and e-mail reports. You can set tour frequency by months, days, or hours and can create automatic alerts for upcoming tours. In addition, Guard Tour System’s security tracking software includes a barcode label designer for the creation of employee and location/checkpoint labels.

Inspection tracking software doesn’t get any easier than Guard Tour System. Focused on security and safety with permanent records management, it’s an ideal system for most organizations. With a low cost of ownership, the return-on-investment is just a matter of weeks away.

Features & Benefits

GTS (Guard Tour System) Features
Employee Administration
Facilities and Inspection Locations
Download of Inspection Rounds and Results
Use a Mobile Handheld Computer for Inspections and record Results and Notes
Print, PDF, or Email (via Outlook) Reports
Creation of different “Tours” with assigned inspection Checkpoints
Set Tour Frequency by Months, Days, or Hours
Alert of Upcoming Tours
Report of Missed Inspections
Ability to save reports as an xls or xlsx (Excel), rtf, tiff, jpg, png, gif, bmp and others.
Barcode Label Designer for Employee and Location/Checkpoint labels


  • Self-Hosted

  • Starting at
  • $1,995
  • One Time Cost
  • Guard Tour System
  • Host software on your own server

Who Uses Gigatrak Guard Tour System?



GTS is used by school districts, universities, k-12 and other educational institutions to record security and inspection data. We can track inspections on various school facilities.

Inspections Tracked Include:

  • School Building & Classroom Lockups
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections
  • Gas Valve Shutoffs
  • Lighting
  • Alarms Set
  • Temperature Control



Businesses of all types rely on GTS to meet their inspection tracking needs. Our customers provide services in technical, financial, medical, entertainment, and other industry segments.

Inspections Tracked Include:

  • Building & Room Lockups
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Lighting
  • Alarms Set
  • Temperature Control
  • Quality Control



Local, State, and Federal government agencies look to GigaTrak for their Guard Tour needs. Police, Fire, Military, Embassies, Space & Aeronautic, Municipalities and governing groups are some examples of existing GTS users.

Inspections Tracked Include:

  • Building Security
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections
  • Lighting
  • Alarms Set
  • Temperature Control
  • Weapons Inspection
  • Safety and Emergency Apparatus Inspections


Electrical, HVAC, Construction, and Industrial companies use GigaTrak Guard Tour to manage the large volume of equipment critical to their day-to-day operations.

Inspections Tracked Include:

  • Safety Apparatus Inspections
  • Equipment Inspections
  • Jobsite Inspections
  • Building Security
  • Gas Valve Shutoffs
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