Document Tracking System

Uses barcodes on documents, folders and material for assigned items with a full chain of custody

Document Management System

The GigaTrak Document Tracking System is a flexible solution for nearly any organization that needs to track documents and materials assigned to a person or location. With a low cost of ownership, your return-on-investment is just a matter of weeks away! Know where your documents are and retrieve them quickly when necessary!

How to Use Document Tracking Software?

Set up each Employee with an ID to transfer and receive documents

Create Locations where materials can be located

Print barcodes for Locations and Employees

Use a mobile Handheld, or Web Portal to scan document transfers performed

Download Inspection data to the host system and generate reports

How Do I Transfer Items?

Scan the Employee or Location ID where the documents are located

Scan your document barcodes and material item barcodes

What Options are Available to Transfer Items?

Desktop Computer

Mobile App

All insurance firms, law offices, government agencies, corporations, and many others can benefit from knowing where important documents are located. The challenge is making it easy to record when and where items are moved. Our Document Tracking System uses barcodes to identify employees, locations, and material items, keeping costs low yet accuracy high. The user simply scans the employee or location barcode using a handheld Android device and then each document barcode being assigned. Documents can then be located quickly with a full chain of custody report available. Simple, effective, and quick to implement! Use your existing cell phone camera for individual barcode scans or a dedicated Android PDA with an integrated barcode scanner for rapid scanning of multiple documents.

The GigaTrak Document Tracking System can help you track where your documents and material items are quickly and easily!

Every organization has documents and materials that must be tracked until you no longer need the items. Our Document Tracking System gives you advanced flexibility within a simple easy-to-use solution! Both the Location Type and Item Type functions allow you to create any structure that matches how you run your business. Documents are then created, barcode labels printed, applied, and transferred to a location or employee! A complete chain-of-custody history is then maintained.

Features & Benefits

DTS (Document Tracking System) Features
Manage item types and location types
Create item and location hierarchy
Unlimited user-defined fields
Chain of custody tracking
Transfer items to locations and employees
Set retention dates and intervals
Flag items as disposable after retention
Use quickly-identifiable icons
Enhanced employee access groups/levels
Generate reports
Integral barcode label designer
Wireless handheld ability




  • Annual Subscription
  • Little To No IT Involvement
  • Unlimited Support & Updates Included
  • Connect Anytime With Smart Devices
  • Starting at


  • One Time Fee
  • Manage All Data Yourself
  • Control Change & Performance
  • Internal Resource Utilization
  • Starting at

Who Uses Gigatrak Document Tracking System?



DTS is used by School Districts, Universities, K-12 and other Education Institutions. You can track material items for Staff, Student, and Faculty members alike.

Documents Tracked Include:

  • Student files
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Books & Library Materials
  • Lab & Research Items


Businesses of all types rely on DTS to meet their document tracking needs. Our customers provide services in technical, financial, medical, entertainment, and other industry segments.

Documents Tracked Include:

  • Documents & Production Folders
  • Reports & Files
  • Accounting & Finance Documents
  • Customer/Client Files



Local, State, and Federal government agencies look to GigaTrak for their Document Tracking needs. Police, Fire, Military, Embassies, Space & Aeronautic, Municipalities and governing groups are some examples of existing DTS users.

Documents Tracked Include:

  • Classified Documents
  • Case Files
  • Weaponry & Artillery Information
  • Safety Information



Electrical, HVAC, Construction, and Industrial companies use GigaTrak Document Tracking to manage the large volume of equipment critical to their day-to-day operations.

Documents Tracked Include:

  • Jobsite Documentation
  • Invoices
  • Equipment Documents
  • Warranty Information
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