Tool Tracking System

Easily check in and checkout tools and equipment
to employees or locations with a simple barcode scan

The Only Tool Tracking System You’ll Ever Need!

A serious tool tracking software system can save a business owner thousands of dollars in waste each year. Whether classified as fixed assets, consumables, or simply tools, every contractor has valuable equipment assigned to various employees and jobsites. Ask yourself:

  • How much is it costing me each year in lost tools?
  • How many duplicate tools do I buy that I already have?
  • How could I save with a Tool Tracking Solution?

With GigaTrak tool tracking software, you can reduce losses by holding your employees and subcontractors accountable for the tools and equipment they use. Everything is tracked through a simple barcode-scanning system. You can even schedule maintenance, track repairs, calculate depreciation, and keep a historical data-trail on usage. Manage tools on jobsites or by job. Manage rental tools and consumable tools, too. Best of all, locate any tool and give employees reports of what they owe you.

Who Uses Gigatrak Tool Tracking System?



Electrical, HVAC, Construction, and Industrial companies use GigaTrak Tool Tracking to manage the large volume of equipment critical to their day-to-day operations.

Tools Tracked Include:

  • Consumable Materials
  • Power Equipment
  • Specialty Hardware
  • Protection Gear


Businesses of all types rely on TTS to meet their tool tracking needs. Our customers provide services in technical, financial, medical, entertainment, and other industry segments.

Tools Tracked Include:

  • Computers and Networking Equipment
  • Office Furniture and Equipment
  • Artwork and other Museum Valuables
  • TV Show and Commercial Media
  • Medical Instruments and Supplies
  • Documents and Production Folders


Local, State, and Federal government agencies look to GigaTrak for their Tool Tracking needs. Police, Fire, Military, Embassies, Space & Aeronautic, Municipalities and governing groups are some examples of existing TTS users.

Tools Tracked Include:

  • Safety and Emergency Apparatus
  • Weapons and Tactical Items
  • Case Files
  • Tools
  • IT Equipment
  • Electric Equipment


TTS is used by School Districts, Universities, K-12 and other Education Institutions. You can track material items for Staff, Student, and Faculty members alike.

Tools Tracked Include:

  • Computers and Tablets
  • Aids for Special Needs Students
  • Administrative/Classroom Furniture and Equipment
  • Audio and Visual Equipment
  • Band Instruments
  • Books and Library Materials
  • Lab and Research Items
  • Sporting Gear

Version Differences

Tool Tracking System Features
Unlimited Number of Tools, Locations, and Employees
User Defined Classifications, Types, Conditions, Accounts, Locations and More
Detailed Tool History for each Transaction
Check-Out to Job/Location, Employee, or Container (Job Box)
Audit Jobs, Employees, and Locations
Excel Import/Export of Tool Data
Over 50 Reports including Assignment, History, Depreciation, Valuation and More
Track Consumable Material
Hosted On-Premise or in the Cloud
Unlimited User Defined Fields
Track Maintenance Schedules and Repairs
Create 3 User Defined Categories to Check-Out to (Great for Schools, Unions or GC’s)

Differences of our Tool Tracking System versions

GigaTrak’s Tool Tracking System (TTS) Basic Edition makes it quick and easy for you to enter, organize, and catalog your tools. The software includes functionality to track not only tools that are in use as well as binned items, warranties, and depreciation. With the included mobile handheld scanning technology, you can easily check-in and checkout tools to employees, locations, or containers with a simple barcode scan. Even create tool reservations. Report-generation is quick, simple, and thorough.

GigaTrak’s Tool Tracking System (TTS) Professional Edition expands upon the Basic Edition functions with abilities to track tool maintenance. Pro Edition also allows for the creation of user-defined fields based on class and type of tool. In addition, users can filter on overdue assets and generate various maintenance reports for their records.

GigaTrak’s Tool Tracking System (TTS) Contractor Edition develops further beyond the professional edition to give contractors the extra flexibility they need. Contractor Edition allows for the ability to define other member groups and jobs by which tools may be checked out.

Reduce tool losses, cut down on tool expenses, and put money back into your bottom line. With GigaTrak’s Tool Tracking System, you can finally take serious control of your tool inventory and see its return in as little as three months!

GigaTrak’s software includes limited web-based installation support and a complimentary online training session. Onsite start-up and training options are also available.

If GigaTrak’s Tool Tracking is more than you need, check out GigaTrak’s asset tracking applications.

What Equipment Can Be Tracked?

UNLIMITED Amount of Tools

Power and Hand Tools

Rental Tools

Jobsite Tools

Construction Tools

Welders and Industrial Equipment

Precision Instruments

Calibrated Equipment

Radios, Cell Phones, etc.

Consumables (gloves, etc.)

You name it, TTS can track it!

Who Uses Tool Tracking?


Manufacturer’s Tool Rooms

Utilities and Municipalities

Field Service & Repair Companies

Government Agencies

Development & Research Companies

And many others

  • Advantages: Why You Should Choose GigaTrak

  • Start-up time: most install and start using the same day

  • Total cost of ownership is less than half of other systems

  • Nearly 60 built-in reports with ability to search on all data

  • Designed for contractors and industrial companies


  • On Premise

    PC and Local Scanners

    Computers & Corded or Wireless Scanners

  • Starting at
  • $2,495
  • One Time Cost
  • You own the software
  • Tool Tracking System
  • Self hosted
Tool Tracking Options

Help Me Decide

On Premise
Cloud Based
Worry Free
Cloud Option
Access Anywhere
Cloud Option
Phones and Tablets
Cloud Option
Not Available
Industrial Handhelds
Cloud Option
Not Available
Lower Cost of Ownership
Not Available
You Own the Software
We Manage
Cloud Option
Automatic Upgrades
Cloud Option
Unlimited Support
Cloud Option
  • Cloud Based

    All Devices Connect

    Android, iOS & Windows Devices

  • Mobile Users
  • $20
  • Per Month
  • Users running the program at the same time
  • Desktop users start at $75 monthly
    *Minimum of one required
  • We host the software for you

Cloud Features

Tool Tracking System Featurespc_device
Mobile App
Web Portal
View Tool Records in Real Time
Check Out Tools to Locations or Employees
Set Due Dates and Enter Transaction Notes
Easy Check in by Tool Barcode
Identify Tools by Barcode
Enter New Tool Info
Add and Update a Tool Photo
Track Repairs and Perform Maintenance
View and Make Tool Reservations with Priority
Online/Offline SyncingLive Connection Only
Edit Tools, Employee, Location Info
Create Catalog Items
Barcode Label designer and Printing
Run Reports
Perform Audits of Locations/Employees/Containers
Build a Cart of Items for Check Out

What Are the Differences? Compare Versions

Basic Edition

  • Master Catalog
    • Catalog items for easy tool entry, organization, and mobile tool entry capabilities
  • Tool functions (Find, Information, History)
    • Includes binned items, warranty, depreciation, attached images and documents
  • Check In/Out tools to employees, locations or containers
  • Reports
    • Includes ability to create PDF file and e-mail any report
  • Import from TAB delimited TXT file for Tools and Employees
  • Export to CSV file for Tool and Employees
  • Barcode scanning with corded scanner attached to PC
  • Label design and printing
  • Tool Reservations
  • Mobile handheld scanning with Pocket PC terminals (batch and wireless available)
    • Functions include identify asset, check out/in, bin count, audit, and enter new tool.
  • Audit reports

Professional Edition

Basic Edition, PLUS:

  • User defined fields based on Class and Type of Asset (unlimited)
  • Asset Maintenance functions
    • Maintenance Type
    • Maintenance History
    • Maintenance reports
  • Shows overdue assets on check out screen

Contractor Edition

Professional Edition, PLUS:

  • “Members”/ ”Jobs” Function (can be renamed by user)
    • 3 user-defined Member/Job categories (e.g. Contractors, Union Labor, Project Manager)
    • 4 user-defined Member/Job information fields
    • Check In/Out tools to Members/Jobs
    • Import Members/Jobs from TAB delimited TXT file
    • Export Members/Jobs to CSV file


Features that Tool Tracking offers over Asset Tracking

  • Master Catalog of Tools for easy data entry
  • Transfer Tools between different Facilities
  • Employee restrictions based on Facility
  • Add new Tools on the Handheld Scanner or Mobile App based on the Master Catalog #
  • Detailed Maintenance Features
    • Prevent item check out/transfer if maintenance is past due
    • Track Maintenance based on mileage/hours as well as time
  • Track Tools by PO Number
  • Ability to rename more fields
  • Manufacturer Information
  • Supplier Information
  • Available in the Cloud


What Do You Need to Track?

We will guide you to find the best solution to fit your needs.
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