Occupancy Monitoring System

Gigatrak’s occupancy monitoring control system gives retail stores real-time visibility for people counting traffic limits due to COVID-19 social distancing. See how we can help you quickly know how many shoppers are in your store, comply to social distancing guidelines and effectively manage your traffic levels. Designed for accuracy and fast implementation, our occupancy monitoring software system helps businesses comply with social distancing guidelines and occupancy restrictions by anonymously counting people as they enter and exit your building.

Gigatrak ensures that customers, visitors and employees have the space they need and are kept as safe as possible. Suitable for buildings of all sizes, our solution delivers live occupancy data with alerts when limits are approached or exceeded. As a standalone solution, Gigatrak’s occupancy monitoring control system works independently of existing IT networks and is designed for simple setup and fast installation. This solution gives retailers real-time visibility of occupancy levels in their store. For stores that have imposed occupancy limits, Gigatrak helps store associates make decisions based on live data.

Real-Time People Counter Monitoring Software

Gigatrak’s occupancy monitoring control system is a tracking solution that counts people and can help stores comply with occupancy limits due to the COVID-19 crisis. Our government has put restrictions and limits on the number of people that can gather in one place, such as supermarkets, shops, pharmacies or public facilities. With our occupancy monitoring software system you can count how many people are in your building for COVID-19 compliance. These measures are designed to keep everyone safe and ensure people have enough room to distance themselves from other people nearby.

Occupancy Monitoring People Counter System

Occupancy Counter Monitoring System

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