Asset Tracking System

Easily check-in and check-out assets that can be
assigned or tracked to a location or person

Brilliantly Simple Asset Tracking Software

Companies make purchases every day that aid in the operations of their business. It is important for these companies to track the whereabouts of their investments. For companies struggling to find a reliable solution, GigaTrak’s Asset Tracking System is the perfect fit to find your assets right when you need them.

With Asset Tracking Software, assets can be easily assigned and tracked to either a location or person. The system retains records of usage, maintenance, and history of assets. Everything is logged using a barcode-scanning system via a standardized check in/out process. Keeping a historical data-trail for each asset helps to locate assets when needed, reduces disruptions in operations, and avoids the expense of purchasing unnecessary replacements.

Which Assets Can I Track?

Test and Lab Equipment

Office and School Furniture

Computer Systems


Transportation Equipment

Artwork and Displays


Your valuable assets – Trak Them!

Who Uses Asset Tracking?


Schools and Universities

Medical Facilities


Government Agencies

Development & Research Labs

Service & Repair Companies

Utilities and Maintenance Companies

  • Advantages: Why You Should Choose GigaTrak

  • Start-up time: most install and start using the same day

  • Nearly 60 built-in reports with ability to search on all data

  • Flexibility for any industry or company to use

We Offer Four Versions of Our Asset Tracking Software:

GigaTrak’s Asset Tracking System (ATS) Starter Edition offers barcode-scanning technology to find assets, gather information, and access asset history. Easily check in and check out assets to an employee or location, and enjoy customizable report generation.

GigaTrak’s Asset Tracking System (ATS) Basic Edition includes mobile handheld-terminal support, available in batch or wireless mode. This edition of our Asset Tracking Software also adds a reservation function, which gives the ability to find or make reservations for assets. Basic Edition also contains an embedded label-designer with print capability.

GigaTrak’s Asset Tracking System (ATS) Professional Edition expands upon the Basic Edition of Asset Tracking Software by adding an asset-maintenance function. This allows for scheduling, requesting, and tracking maintenance on any asset item as well as the ability to see maintenance items, maintenance history, and to print maintenance history and requests.

GigaTrak’s Asset Tracking System (ATS) School Edition develops further with a member function to allow for additional organizational members to check in and check out assets. Personnel can be divided up into three member categories with four user-defined information fields.

Every organization has assets that are critical to operations. Know where they are at all times with our powerful, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use Asset Tracking Software.

Features & Benefits

ATS (Asset Tracking System) Features
Asset Information with Images, Bins, Documents, Warranty & Depreciation
User Defined Asset Classifications, Types, Accounts, and Funding Source
User Defined Asset Conditions
Asset Model and Serial Number
User Defined Facilities and Locations
Asset History for each Transaction
Employee Administration & Access Rights
Unlimited Facilities and Locations
Check Out/In Assets to an Employee or Location
Reports including Asset Assignment, History, Depreciation, Valuation, etc.
Barcode Label Designer & Printing
Asset Reservations for Employees
Audit of Location & Employee Assets
Batch handheld terminal download for Check Out/In, Bin Counts and Audits
Unlimited User Define Fields based on the Classification and Type of Asset
Repairs & Maintenance with preset Intervals based on the Classification and Type of Asset
Maintenance & Repair Provider Admin
Overdue Asset & Maintenance Due Alerts
Members Screen with three User Defined Member Categories (e.g. Staff, Faculty, Student)
Check Out/In to any Employee or Member
Reservations for any Employee or Member
User Defined Member Fields (4)
CSV Import and Export of Member Files
Email Asset Overdue Reports to Members
Wireless (RF) Pocket PC TerminalsOpt.Opt.

What Are the Differences? Compare Versions


Starter Edition

  • Asset functions (Find, Information, History)
    • Includes binned items, warranty, depreciation, attached images and documents
  • Check In/Out assets to employees or locations
  • Reports
    • Includes ability to create PDF file and e-mail any report
  • Import from TAB delimited TXT file for Assets and Employees
  • Export to CSV file for Assets and Employees
  • Barcode scanning with corded scanner attached to PC

Basic Edition

Starter Edition, PLUS:

  • Label design and printing
  • Asset Reservations
  • Mobile handheld scanning with Pocket PC terminals (batch and wireless available)
    • Functions include identify asset, check out/in, bin count, and audit
  • Audit reports

Professional Edition

Basic Edition, PLUS:

  • User-defined fields based on class and type of asset (unlimited)
  • Asset Maintenance functions
    • Maintenance Type
    • Maintenance History
    • Maintenance Reports
  • Shows overdue assets on check out screen

School Edition

Professional Edition, PLUS:

  • Members (can be renamed by user)
  • 3 user defined Member categories (e.g. Student, Faculty, Staff)
  • 4 user defined Member information fields
  • Check In/Out assets to Members
  • Import Members from TAB delimited TXT file
  • Export Members to CSV file


  • Self-Hosted

  • Starting at
  • $995
  • One Time Cost
  • Asset Tracking System
  • Host software on your own server

Who Uses Gigatrak Asset Tracking System?



ATS is used by School Districts, Universities, K-12 and other Education Institutions. You can track material items for Staff, Student, and Faculty members alike.

Assets Tracked Include:

  • Computers and Tablets
  • Aids for Special Needs Students
  • Administrative/Classroom Furniture and Equipment
  • Audio and Visual Equipment
  • Band Instruments
  • Books and Library Materials
  • Lab and Research Items
  • Sporting Gear


Businesses of all types rely on ATS to meet their asset tracking needs. Our customers provide services in technical, financial, medical, entertainment, and other industry segments.

Assets Tracked Include:

  • Computers and Networking Equipment
  • Office Furniture and Equipment
  • Artwork and other Museum Valuables
  • TV Show and Commercial Media
  • Medical Instruments and Supplies
  • Documents and Production Folders


Local, State, and Federal government agencies look to GigaTrak for their Asset Tracking needs. Police, Fire, Military, Embassies, Space & Aeronautic, Municipalities and governing groups are some examples of existing ATS users.

Assets Tracked Include:

  • Safety and Emergency Apparatus
  • Weapons and Tactical Items
  • Case Files
  • Tools
  • IT Equipment
  • Electric Equipment


Electrical, HVAC, Construction, and Industrial companies use GigaTrak Asset Tracking to manage the large volume of equipment critical to their day-to-day operations.

Assets Tracked Include:

  • Consumable Materials
  • Power Equipment
  • Specialty Hardware
  • Protection Gear


What Do You Need to Track?

We will guide you to find the best solution to fit your needs.
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