Why Tool Tracking in the Cloud?

  • Database is hosted by us
    •  Free up internal IT resources. No database management required
  • Unlimited Technical Support
    •  Unlimited technical support is included during your Cloud term
  • Quick and Easy Deployment
    •  Ready for Data Entry on Day 1! No setup required!
  • System Bundles
    •  Everything you need to get started including software, hardware, labels, and more!


GigaTrak’s newly designed App!

Track Tools with your Smartphone!

Our newly designed App is available on both Android and iOS platforms meaning you can take your Tool Tracking anywhere! The user-friendly app allows everyone in your organization to be on the same page by performing transactions on the go.
  • Check Tools In/Out
  • Build a Cart of Items for Checkout
  • Perform Audits
  • Track Repairs & Scheduled Maintenance
  • Make & View Reservations
  • Add in New Tools

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