Tool Tracking System

A complete tool tracking solution that’s
reliable and easy to implement

Tool Management  - Manage tools and tool inventory by a job location, employee or member

  • Tool Tracking - Search for tools by class, type, location and facility
  • Tool Tracking software maintains a complete history
  • Easy Tool Check In/Check Out
  • Track Barcoded Tools & Stop Losses!

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The Morse Group couldn’t be happier with the successful launch of our GigaTrak Asset Tracking solution in 2009.  Besides the ease of use and efficiency of the software, one of the main highlights of this experience has been working with the staff at GigaTrak. Their complete willingness and availability to answer any questions promptly, and the unique way that everyone associated with GigaTrak made us all feel special, was greatly appreciated! The GigaTrak Asset Tracking solution has been such a great success that we are in the process of beginning to utilize the new GigaTrak Tool Tracking System Company wide.  We are confident that, because we have such a positive relationship, we can use this system flawlessly. I would recommend GigaTrak to any company - big or small!

Jennifer Maltry

Jennifer Maltry
Morse Electric, Inc

Tool Tracking Software

Use Tool Tracking Software to Track Your Equipment

  • Power and Hand Tools
  • Contractor Tool Tracking
  • Barcode Tools
  • Track Rental Tools
  • Manage Jobsite Tools
  • Keep Track of Construction Tools
  • Welders and Industrial Equipment
  • Precision Instruments
  • Calibrated Equipment
  • Radios, Cell Phones, etc.
  • Design Drawings
  • Manage Consumables (gloves, etc.)
  • You name it, TTS can track it!


TTS Users

  • Contractors (Electrical, Industrial, etc.)
  • Manufacturer’s Tool Rooms
  • Utilities and Municipalities
  • Maintenance Groups
  • Field Service & Repair Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Development & Research Companies
  • And many others!

Customer Video

"Immediately we found a return on investment by locating $20,000 in tools"

Tool Tracking Software

The Only Tool Tracking System You'll Ever Need

A serious tool tracking software system can save a business owner literally thousands of dollars in waste. Whether you consider them fixed assets, consumables, or simply tools, every contractor has valuable tools and equipment that are given out to employees and assigned to job sites all of the time. The questions you need to ask yourself are:

•    How much money does it cost me each year in lost tools?
•    How many duplicate tools do I buy that I already have?
•    What could a good tool tracking solution save me?

With GigaTrak tool tracking software, you can reduce losses by holding your employees and subcontractors accountable for the tools and equipment they use. Everything is tracked through a simple barcode-scanning system. You can even schedule maintenance, track repairs, calculate depreciation, and keep a historical data-trail on usage. Manage tools on jobsites or by job. Manage rental tools and consumable tools, too. Best of all, locate any tool and give employees reports of what they owe you.

Some highlights from our three tool tracking system editions:

•    GigaTrak’s Tool Tracking System (TTS) Basic Edition makes it quick and easy for you to enter, organize, and catalog your tools. The software includes functionality to track not only tools that are in use but also binned items, warranties, and depreciation. With the included mobile handheld scanning technology, you can easily check-in and checkout tools to employees, locations, or containers with a simple barcode scan. Even create tool reservations. Report-generation is quick, simple, and thorough.
•    GigaTrak’s Tool Tracking System (TTS) Professional Edition expands the Basic Edition with functions for tool maintenance. It also lets you create user-defined fields based on class and type of tool. And you’ll be able to see overdue assets on generate maintenance reports, too.
•    GigaTrak’s Tool Tracking System (TTS) Contractor Edition expands beyond the professional edition to give contractors the extra flexibility they need. It includes a web portal and can be hosted internally by the customer. With this version, you’ll be able to define members who can check out tools, and organize those members into groups.

GigaTrak includes limited web-based installation support with every purchase. Onsite startup is also available.

Stop tool losses, cut tool costs, and put dollars back into your bottom line. With a GigaTrack tool tracking system, you can finally take serious control of your tool inventory and see payback results in as little as three months!  

If GigaTrak’s Tool Tracking is more than you need, check out GigaTrak’s asset tracking applications.

Features & Benefits

Basic  Pro Contractor 
TTS (Tool Tracking System) Features

What are the differences?
tool tracking system basic tool tracking system pro tool tracking system contractor
Tool Information with Images, Bins, Documents, Warranty & Depreciation
User Defined Tool Classifications, Types, Accounts, and Funding Source
User Defined Tool Conditions Including Lost and Broken Status
Tool Catalog with Model Number Info
User Defined Facilities and Locations
Tool History for each Transaction
Employee Administration & Access Rights
Barcode Label Designer & Printing
Check Out/In Tools to an Employee or Location
Audit of Location & Employee Tools
Batch handheld terminal download for Check Out/In, Bin Counts and Audits
Reports including Tool Assignment, History, Depreciation, Valuation, etc.
Excel Import of Tool Data from other Tool Systems
Email Tool Overdue Reports
Kiosk check out/in application
Unlimited User Define Fields based on the Classification and Type of Tool
Repairs & Maintenance with preset Intervals based on the Classification and Type of Tool
Maintenance & Repair Provider Admin
Overdue Tool & Maintenance Due Alerts
Members Screen with three User Defined Member Categories (e.g. Contractor, Customer, Technician)
Web Portal - Hosted internally by customer. Ability to find tools, check out/in, and run reports
Wireless (RF) Pocket PC Terminals
  Opt. Opt.

What are the differences?

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