Inventory Management System

A complete inventory solution that’s reliable and easy to implement

  • Inventory Management Software designed for small to mid sized manufacturers to use barcodes to track inventory
  • Bill of Material, Work Orders, and Production
  • Create purchase orders, receipt materials, and drive shipments with your sales order
  • Inventory Management Tools include Advanced cycle and physical count features
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Since launching the GigaTrak Tool Tracking System in 2009, Conrad Industries, Inc. has been very pleased with the software. We started slowly, only rolling it out to one shipyard so we could customize it to our needs. The support we received along the way on this product was phenomenal. Every change or update that we requested was promptly delivered. We had so much success with the product after about a six month trial period that we decided to implement it at two of our other shipyards. Once we got our staff trained and familiar with the software it was only a matter of developing it even further to meet the different needs of each location. It was a pleasure working with such a knowledgeable staff. With so much positive feedback on the Tool Tracking System, we have decided to look into the Inventory Management System to suit some of our other needs as well. If you’re looking for a simple, effective software solution to meet some of your business needs then I highly recommend GigaTrak.





Harry Hicks
Conrad Industries

Inventory Management Software

Use Inventory Management Software (IMS) to Track Your Inventory:

  • Receipt and Label Materials
  • Track and Manage Inventory by Locations
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Pick Materials per a Sales Order
  • Ship Materials to a Customer
  • Generate Work Orders to manufacture
    materials (Inventory Management Pro Only)
  • Track Production (Inventory Management Pro Only)

Who uses our Inventory Management Software (IMS):

  • Order Fulfillment Warehouses
  • Supplier Organizations
  • Web Order Processors
  • Distribution Facilities
  • School District Supply Centers
  • Government Facilities
  • and others…

Applications for Inventory Management Software(IMS):

  • Inventory Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Contractor Inventory Accounting
  • Service and Repair Operations Inventory Tracking
  • Janitorial Supply Inventory Maintenance
  • Inventory Tracking for Jobsites/Remote Locations
  • and others…

Inventory Tracking Software

Simple and Powerful Inventory Management Software

Protect your bottom line with GigaTrak’s powerful inventory management software solutions. With GigaTrak software, you can effectively manage inventory for your warehouse, manufacturing and production, and shipping departments. You can even track what might be considered non-inventory items—basic inventory supplies such as:
• Receipt and Label Materials
• Track and Manage Inventory by Locations
• Create Purchase Orders
• Pick Materials per a Sales Order
• Ship Materials to a Customer
• Generate Work Orders to manufacture materials
• Track Production

We offer two inventory management software editions

•    GigaTrak’s Inventory Management System (IMS) Basic Edition software starts with a simple warehouse inventory-control system that is easy to set up and use. It provides all basic inventory functions, from sales orders and purchase orders to receipts and shipping. With this software, you’ll be able to easily manage any items or components in a centralized warehouse. You’ll also be able to conduct a physical count of inventory at any time you like.
•    GigaTraks’ Inventory Management System (IMS) Professional Edition gives you all the power of our basic edition along with even more advanced features, including cycle counting, lot tracking, quality control, work order tracking, and production order tracking for the small to mid-size manufacturer. So much flexible functionality is packed into this easy-to-use inventory software product, you’ll wonder how your business ever survived without it.

We make it easy for large manufacturers to generate work orders and track production.

If our off-the-shelf software packages don’t provide the full amount of functionality you require, we can still help. GigaTrak also creates custom inventory management software solutions. Read more about our custom solutions here.

Inventory tracking and inventory management can be a challenge, but they’re critical to your bottom line. We’ll help you tackle that challenge quickly, easily, and affordably. Check out the complete features your business will get with each of our inventory management software solutions

Features & Benefits

Basic  Pro
IMS (Inventory Management Software ) Features

What are the differences?
inventory management software system basic inventory management software system pro
Receiving - Unplanned and Purchase Order Receipts
Bar Code Label Designer/Printing
Part Master
Supplier Master
Purchase Order Entry
Inventory by Location
Inventory Transaction History
Units of Measure
Inventory Transfer
User Level Security
Standard Reports
Sales Order and Invoice Creation
Customer Master
Cycle & Physical Inventory
Physical Only
Work Order Entry
Bill of Materials
Lot Tracking / FIFO
Quality Control

What are the differences?

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