Manage Building Equipment with Barcode

Manage Building Equipment with Barcode

In order to manage building equipment with barcode, several variables need to be taken into consideration. One is – exactly what type of building equipment is going to be managed? The fire extinguishers, the HVAC room, the plumbing, the furniture, the lighting, the window washer lift? Another is – who is going to be responsible and assigned to manage building equipment.  Is there a building superintendent who is responsible for all aspects of managing the stationary requirements of the building, or is it going to be the maintenance supervisor? Another consideration to manage building equipment is – how is this best accomplished?  Depending of course on the actual requirements to manage building equipment, one of the simplest methods is to track your building equipment with barcodes. 

Tracking equipment with barcode provides a quick, easy way to document building equipment, thus making it, while not necessarily easy, at least easier to manage building equipment with barcode. Think of it as tracking assets, tracking fixed assets, tracking physical assets, tracking tools – put a barcode label on it, scan it when it goes into commissions, scan it when routine maintenance is performed, scan it when there's a mechanical breakdown and service needs to be called, scan it when it's time to retire the equipment and replace it. To manage building equipment alone can be a daunting task, but to manage building equipment with barcode doesn’t have to be mission impossible. Whether the need is to tracking assets with barcode, track inventory with barcode, track tools with barcode, or track building equipment with barcodes, barcode software solutions exist to meet any of these needs. 

Software designed to manage building equipment with barcode can provide the asset tracking software vehicle that many companies can use to maintain control over their assets, building equipment, and physical inventory. GigaTrak Barcode Solutions can provide this need. We have two particular barcode software products that can apply to the need to managing building equipment with barcodes. GigaTrak Barcode Solutions offers off-the-shelf, as well as custom asset tracking, inventory tracking and tool tracking products.

GigaTrak ATS (Asset Tracking Software) is available in 3 versions: ATS (Asset Tracking Solution) Basic, ATS (Asset Tracking Solution) Pro, and ATS (Asset Tracking solution) Enterprise edition. GigaTrak TTS (Tool Tracking Software) is also available in 3 versions and designed especially for contractors and service industry groups – this may be the perfect solution to manage building equipment. Also available in 3 versions, GigaTrak TTS (Tool Tracking Solutions) provides maintenance and repair data, master tool templates, tool masters and tool inventory and costing information.  GigaTrak TTS (Tool Tracking Solutions) is available in a Basic version. GigaTrak TTS (Tool Tracking Software) is available in a professional edition, and GigaTrak TTS (Tool Tracking Software) is available in a Contractor edition.

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